Hi! I'm Michael Levan. A tech enthusiast and engineer at heart. I'm the Chief Engineer and Principal DevOps Consultant at CloudDev.Engineering LLC.

This website and blog are all about how I can help you learn DevOps, Cloud Engineering, and offer consulting services in those spaces. My goal to help everyone is to do 50% training (blogs, videos, video courses, etc.) and 50% consulting.

I typically post on this blog once every 1-2 weeks. I really want to ramp this up though. However, you can see me on other platforms as well. I do a ton of video courses on TechSnips, Cloudskills.io, and I write blogs for Adam Bertram (AdamTheAutomator). I've made sure to create pages on my home page where you can find all of these engagements.

If you're interested in getting notifications when I post, feel free to press the subscribe button on my home page. It'll give you a pop-up that asks you to type in your email address. After that you'll get an email to confirm that you want notifications from me and then you'll be all set :).

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Infrastructure-As-Code/Configuration Management


Containerization and Orchestration

Content Development/Leadership


I started out my career like most do in IT with a traditional infrastructure background, helpdesk/desktop support. After I dove deep and realized the different ways to automate my job, I quickly realized the next step to my career, DevOps and Cloud Engineering. This next step wasn't easy. I stayed up late, woke up at 4:00AM to study and further myself, all with a newborn at home, so I was barely sleeping as is :).

After working as a Sysadmin on Hyper-V, ESXi, Azure, Powershell, and all-around Windows Infrastructure, I wanted to take the next step in my career and see the "other side". This led me to do a complete 180 and move into technologies like Linux, Python, and AWS. After not knowing much about this space, I buckled down, studied more, and quickly became a Subject Matter Expert.

After working with Linux, AWS, Python, Ansible, Containerization (Docker), Orchestration (Kubernetes), and Web Applications, I started to see a HUGE shift in the Microsoft ecosystem. It wasn't about Windows and desktops anymore. It was about open source, Linux, containerization, and working as a community. I took this as another opportunity to do yet another 180 and come full-circle back to the Microsoft space to focus my efforts on practicing DevOps on the other side of the realm (again).

Now I'm utterly fascinated with DevOps and Cloud Engineering. I simply can't get enough of all of the cool, new, and exciting technology that's out there. It's truly a beautiful time to be in technology.