Interested in reading one of my books? And by reading, I mean having a fun time doing labs! All of my books are lab-focused so you get the quality of hands on experience you deserve from a technical book.

I publish books on Leanpub because of the agile methods that are available. I can easily go in and update/edit these books, re-publish them, and readers get the updates for free (not to mention the 45-day return policy).

From Admin to DevOps - If you want to know a No BS way to 'do the DevOps' in Azure, you're in luck. You will not only learn how to implement DevOps tools and strategies in Azure but more importantly why. Prepare yourself to embark on a DevOps in Azure journey!

DevOps Recipes in Azure - There are tons of books that go into DevOps in the AWS, Linux, Jenkins, and Python space, but what about Microsoft tooling? In the past few years Microsoft has taken off in the open source and DevOps space. DevOps recipes with Azure provides a hands-on approach for learning all-the-things DevOps related in the Microsoft space.

Terraform in Azure - Terraform in Azure is a purely hands-on approach to learning the ins and outs of the Azurerm provider by Terraform. Terraform in Azure is a 4 chapter eBook that you can download for free.